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Monday, October 30, 2006


Blogger Beta

I've got the day off work today and have been getting things done at home, this includes finally moving to the the beta version of Blogger. This is the first post that I've made using the new system. Appearance wise it is very similar with a few button alterations, there are some interesting new features - labels, greater access control, more feed options etc... The main change is a switch to dynamic serving, meaning that posts are no longer stored as static html files which don't alter until the next update and are instead created dynamically via a database. This has really sped up the process of creating new and editing existing posts, in fact, it now takes less than a second!

I have a decision to make as to whether I stick with my current method of using a account to tag posts in a crude attempt at categorising them or whether I jump in and start to use the new labelling feature. I don't much like the idea of going through all my existing posts and adding labels so any advice is gratefully received!

UPDATE: I fancied a play so I'm labelling this post.

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Team of the Week

Garth Crooks has made his team of the week selection:

Garth Crooks' Team | Prolix's Team

I chose a 4-4-2 formation ahead of Garth's 4-3-3. We both opted for the impressive Ben Foster in goal, his three saves from the persevering Lennon were particularly good, it was a tough choice for me to select him ahead of Tim Howard who put in a remarkable performance at the Emirates stadium.

With one notable exception (Sol Campbell, yet again!), we had very differing opinions when it came to our defences. Partnering Campbell, I went with Yobo who did everything right against Arsenal and had Henry in his pocket, Garth went with the Hornets' Shittu - who for me, didn't have much to do apart from offer an acrobatic method of keeping the ball in play, only for Tommy Smith to spurn the glorious chance. I went with the chuckle brothers at fullback, Gary for his part in the demolition of Bolton and Phil for his sheer stamina, determination and general solidness against Arsenal. Crook's went for Bridge and Johnson, I'm not entirely sure why, neither were exceptional as far as I saw.

In midfield, Garth has done his usual trick of including someone purely for scoring a goal, Cahill was good against Arsenal, sure, and he scored the crucial goal but for me there were more rounded performances - Alonso for one. Liverpool's Xabi was excellent and pulled all the strings in their return to form beating the previously undefeated Aston Villa. I felt Giggs was again at his best in the win over Bolton and offered me the width my 4-4-2 formation required. Ballack and Mendes both had very good games and fully deserve their places in both Garth's and my own team.

Upfront it was obviously not an option to leave out Rooney after his hatrick, it was merely a question of who had done enough to earn a place alongside him. Garth went with Kuyt and Persie, both of whom I omitted for not being clinical enough, they wasted a hat full of chances between them despite both scoring decent goals. Kanu for me did more to warrant a place, he ran the show against Reading and his somewhat overlooked aerial ability once again saw Pompey on top of things, the Nigerian is now atop of the top scorers chart.

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Monday, October 23, 2006


Why am I still doing this?

The latest offerings from myself and Crooks:

Garth Crooks' Team | Prolix's Team

We've both opted for a 4-3-3 which probably highlights the lack of strong showings by wingers this weekend. The differing selections are Neville over Garth's Volz, Campo in a holding role for Van Persie and Rosicky up top ahead of Drogba. Clearly this was a weekend when the team pretty much picks itself.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006


White and Nerdy

I am nerdier than 64% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Monday, October 09, 2006


(Another) Records Fair, Brighton

Another Sunday, another record fair. Total expenditure was no more than 40 pounds; I think I did remarkably well:

I discovered on first listen yesterday that the Tom Waits compilation contains his 'Way Down In The Hole' which is the theme music for HBO's The Wire - something I intend to blog about in the future.

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