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Monday, October 30, 2006


Blogger Beta

I've got the day off work today and have been getting things done at home, this includes finally moving to the the beta version of Blogger. This is the first post that I've made using the new system. Appearance wise it is very similar with a few button alterations, there are some interesting new features - labels, greater access control, more feed options etc... The main change is a switch to dynamic serving, meaning that posts are no longer stored as static html files which don't alter until the next update and are instead created dynamically via a database. This has really sped up the process of creating new and editing existing posts, in fact, it now takes less than a second!

I have a decision to make as to whether I stick with my current method of using a account to tag posts in a crude attempt at categorising them or whether I jump in and start to use the new labelling feature. I don't much like the idea of going through all my existing posts and adding labels so any advice is gratefully received!

UPDATE: I fancied a play so I'm labelling this post.

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