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Monday, March 06, 2006


Records Fair, Brighton

I went to a Record and CD Fair yesterday at the Brighton Centre and despite being stung for the parking (50p for every 15 minutes - or maybe I'm just tight?) it was a great way to spend a few hours. I'm somewhat of a regular to the fair and this one probably put me in to double figures of events attended, it was fitting therefore that it also saw perhaps my most successful return of CD's. I picked up the following albums for a total expenditure of just under £70:
A few (Beulah, Chris Mills, Songdog) were down to hearing the odd track on samplers and compilations, a few down to recommendations from friends (ABC, Dinosaur Jr., Grandaddy, Louis XIV, South San Gabriel) and the rest based upon my own tastes. Evidently I already had Liquid Skin though; I thought I only owned Bring It On. Bah.

I may well post short reviews of the albums as I come to listen to them.

Hmm, I'm sure I posted a response to this last week but it seems to have got lost in the e-ether somewhere...
Looks a tasty little selection... The Neil Young, Grandaddy and Jim White especially...
My favourite song on No Such Place is the lovely-ly titled 10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road, and the drawled lyric: "My buddy Philip works as a gas station attendant - strangers call his name to him, a thousand times a day - they don't know him, they're just asking - Philip for a fill-up - funny how fate plays tricks on us, that way..."
Luvverly stuff...

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