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Saturday, November 18, 2006


End of the week

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, and for those awful team of the week ones that you did get! Seriously, does anyone want that to continue? If so then say so now because I'll gladly stop otherwise!

This time though, I would like to think that I have a legitimate reason for the inactivity on my blog, that being - I've just started a new job. As of last Monday, I became a civil servant working specifically in performance and planning.

I had been at my previous place of work for over two years but despite (mostly) getting on with everyone, working close to home and an in idyllic office, the industry itself wasn't for me. A construction company is an excellent choice of employer - if you understand and find interesting the fine points of construction. I didn't and the inability therefore to progress to anything other than the role I was already employed in became reason enough to seek alternative work and what I hope will become a career rather than merely a job.

Anyway, my first week has been and gone with alarming rapidity. Dissimilar then from the journey to and from work which makes for a frustrating hour of clutch juggling and futile grousing.

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Ahh, congratulations Pro - best of luck in the new job!

Although I *was* quite envious of the view from your old office...

Thank you! Glad to see you've got your broadband up and running now.

Oh, and I believe my desk is still available if you want it. I must stress though, the pigeon only came the once, don't get your hopes up for a repeat performance.

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