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Friday, May 12, 2006


The hard work at work meme

I am not yet close to being reviled enough in the blogosphere and as such am going to commit one of the cardinal sins and start a meme. You heard me. I'm starting a meme.

The idea is this; you list 10 things that annoy you about your workplace/colleagues and then link to three people you wish to tag. Handy tip - probably best to only do this if your colleagues don't read your blog...

I'd better start then:
  1. The 49 year old man who upon returning from lunch will re-greet everyone by saying "Yo!". Everyday! It's just wrong. He doesn't wear a baseball cap and Bermuda shorts but he really should with that in his vocabulary.

  2. The guy who whistles constantly in such a way that he's not actually whistling at all - just exhaling really loudly.

  3. An age-old one now, the guy who talks to himself, everything he does has to involve him speaking it out loud.

  4. I washed my car on Sunday. It was parked at work for less than an hour before it was inconsiderately shat upon by what must have been a passing eagle. Not funny.

  5. The girl who tells me about everything yet nothing. What she bought in the supermarket, how Heinz have brought out a new range of beans and how her car is going in for its MOT but she doesn't pay the labour charge because her cousin knows the mechanic... (I had this one three times; surely she must remember she had already told me? Or, maybe she tells so many people that she forgets who she has and hasn't told).

  6. The guy who always answers the inevitable "get up to much at the weekend?" question with "I pottered about". What does that mean? And every weekend? I'm sure if he went away on safari for a year, he'd tell us upon his return that it was "alright" and he "just pottered around". Argh!

  7. "At the end of the day", I've never been a great admirer of this phrase, especially when it's repeated often four or five times in the same two minute conversation by the same person featured in number six.

  8. Another typical one now; the tea-point being left in a mess and the tea bag/milk/sugar supplies not being restocked by the person who used the last one. If you moan about this, people assume you are obsessive, which to be fair, might be accurate but THINK OF THE HYGIENE ISSUES. WON'T YOU PLEASE THINK OF THE HYGIENE ISSUES?!

  9. See above, but replace tea bag/milk/sugar supplies with paper. People not restocking the printer tray, that really irks me as well.

  10. The work.

The following people can consider themselves tagged (if you're unable to have a go then feel free to tag someone else):

Ah. Seeing as a good few (well, three) of my colleagues read my blog, and I am the evil boss of some of them, this could get me on to the wrong end of a tribunal within minutes! Nice meme, though. Perhaps I could do it with colleagues past...

*goes off to think*

Like it a lot. Will think on it like Patroclus...

Well, what about people who say stuff like 'let's take this 'off-line' in a meeting when what they really mean is this

"I'm not prepared to have this argument in front of everyone else which is a pity because it is the only thing which could make this inane meeting worth saying awake for."

Very good point IMD. I'd completely neglected to mention 'management babble' - as I refer to it. Anyone using phrases like 'ballpark figure', 'hardly rocket science' and 'blue sky thinking' deserves nothing less than abject derision.

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