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Thursday, January 05, 2006


The obvious link

Charles Kennedy claims to have not touched a drop for two months, meaning his last drink was back in November. Strangely, a month later, the Unwins off-license chain announced losses and called in the administrators - as I blogged about on December the 20th.


Thought that 'two months' claim was odd. Surely any critics could grudgingly admit that - if true - he managed quite well, to avoid hitting the bottle, both over Christmas, and in response to the heavy drip-drip-drip erosion of what authority he had left, during recent weeks...

Thought he came across pretty well in his statement and its delivery. An interesting gamble indeed.
Surprising to see Campbell and Oaten claim to rule themselves out so quickly. Could be even edgier gambles, banking on sort-of-stalking-horse candidate to come forward, take enough authority from Charlie in the first vote to resign a la Thatcher, allowing them to nobly step forward in his lieu...

Simon Hughes, on the other hand, was not at all subtle in his blustering attempts to stonewall when interviewed...

*golf clap*

Best joke I've read about this so far.

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