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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


More links via Qwghlm...

This is becoming something of a habit but here are some more interesting stories courtesy of Qwlghm’s linklog. Firstly we have the story of Unwins the off-license chain, going in to administration… the week before Christmas. You have to wonder about that. The words ‘piss’, ‘up’ and ‘brewery’ come to mind.

Secondly we have the astonishing headline in the Daily Express – “Registrars fear flood of bogus gay weddings by asylum seekers”. Are they in competition with the Mail to create the greatest scaremongering headline of the year, featuring as many of their flagship issues as possible? You know the ones: asylum seekers, house prices, feral gangs of eight year olds, crazy EU legislation - the usual 'world gone mad' nonsense. Of course, if you can link any of these issues to Princess Diana or Hitler, no matter how implausible and tenuous the link, then you deserve twice the kudos.

Credit where it is due though, the Mail have avoided all the usual hazards in reporting this important story - Hero dog saves pregnant mother from blaze. See, it's not all about benefits system cheats you know (just 99%).

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