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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Brooker on the Apprentice women

In his inimitable style, Charlie Brooker perfectly sums up the way that The Apprentice is headed and dragging the reputation of women in business with it:

"Things get worse (and therefore paradoxically better) this week, as the contestants' task consists of being handed £200 and commanded to make money via any means necessary. Depressingly, the girls spend half their time bickering and the other half selling kisses to pub drunks. What with this, and the incident last year where the girls swanned around in low-cut tops flirting with barrow boys to get a discount on some bruised fruit, it seems no one's keener to set the cause of women in business back 30 years than some of the women themselves. At this rate, they'll be giving blowjobs in phone boxes by series eight."

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