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Friday, April 27, 2007


The best and worst signings of the season, part 2

Now for the worst:

Edit: As Aidan rightly points out in the comments. I've got the wrong Petrov! Now updated - my sincere apologies to Martin who no doubt has performed admirably this season.

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Agree on most of them, though think Young may yet contribute well - if not quite as his price would suggest - when Villa get going a little more under O'Neill next season.

(Oh, but - psssst - STILIAN Petrov is the Villa player. MARTIN Petrov, his international team-mate, is at Atletico Madrid. Bloody Bulgarians, all the same...! Well, except the obvious...) :)

It's been fun pointing out the people up here how crap Petrov has been. Don't know what they expected all he ever did for Celtic was hide and then fall over for a pen.

Cashley was a great signing wasn't it, Bridge has generally been their best player when he's got a game.

Whoops. My mistake - updated now. Thanks for the correction Aidan!

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