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Monday, April 23, 2007


The best and worst signings of the season, part 1

The summer is a time of hope for football fans. The season past is either remembered for it's triumphs and achievements or cast away to the back of your mind as you dream of the signings to be made. Constantly checking the teams website/s for news of that galactico you've been expecting (only to find that David Weir's contract has been renewed). Anyway, this is a review of the best and worst signings of the season.

First, the best:

I'll be naming and shaming the worst signings later this week.

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"Kanu and the man below..."

Now, now, Mr Pr0lix, how dare you start these rumours about Mr Campbell again... shame on you!

Mwahaha. That really was an innocent turn of phrase.

I was always surprised he opted for Pompey over Charlton, what with some of their players being Young and Bent.


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