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Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Sunday Supplement table are furious

Jimmy Hill's Sunday Supplement. Anyone seen this show?

A mumbling Jimmy is joined at the breakfast table by three newspaper journalists of a Sunday morning to comment on the week in football. Typically - as with all breakfast based programming - none of the food is ever eaten. To be fair, there isn't much time for that, not with all the footballing clich├ęs and tabloid guff they have to spout.

The show follows the same theme every week, and by this, I mean that is EXACTLY the same each week. Jimmy rants about footballers' earnings compared to 'his day' and bemoans the lack of a 'number 9' for England. The others try and tell him that Shearer has retired, but Jimmy won't have it. Then it gets to the favoured topic of England's failings, Jimmy tries his damnedest to restart the 'number 9' debate but noone will take him up on it. So he moves on to a lack of passion and discipline in the players, leaving just enough time to blame the entire problem of England's ineptitude on the influx of foreigners.

Every week.

Oh for a return to his wilder days - you'll need to wash your eyes out after that one.

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So... rumour has it you're buying a Mac. Would you care to comment at this time?

Rumours of my Mac rebirth have been greatly exaggerated.... Or have they? Watch this space. Like I watch Prague shipping forecasts.

didn't know this show was still going... good ol' Jimmy... he's right on a lot of things, but he really doesn't seem to listen to anything anyone else says to him... I think it's right to call it a "talk" show rather than a "chat" show, cos "chat" implies dialogue...

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