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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Speedway again

Well, I did warn you that this might happen. I've gone and set up a speedway specific blog.

My new speedway blog

Hosted on Wordpress - which has been a delight to use thus far - it will contain all my speedway related outpourings meaning that readers of this blog aren't subjected to posts that don't interest them and hopefully to attract some readers to the new blog who similarly wont have to put up with my usual ramblings about football, music and current affairs. There is a major gap in the marketplace (can you tell I have just watched Dragons' Den?) blogosphere in terms of speedway and so hopefully I can get the ball rolling there.

Anyway, this should be the final mention of the sport here so add Hans Anderson's Swear Box to your bookmarks if you feel inclined or never hear of speedway here again. Probably.

Note: Some of my images aren't displaying at the moment due to Photobucket experiencing some technical problems.

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Hey there, writing in from Photobucket. Your images/videos should now be up. Let us know if you are still experiencing any issues.

Used to get taken to speedway events as a kid, and loved the excitement - despite being unable to hear a thing other than that incessant buzz. Olly Olsen, and Kenny Carter, I think were the main names...

Last went to a meeting in Cradley Heath in 1995 - that is, the last ever event at Cradley Heath, I think it was... with plenty of Bovrils consumed, that Saturday evening's "Pink 'Un" consulted for late-breaking football scores, and even a climactic fireworks display...
Lovely stuff.

Thanks Min, working fine now, was only down for about an hour in the end. Good work!

I've not been since I was about 12 either Aidan, not sure that I got to see any fireworks either! Plenty of bovril and soups in flasks though aye.

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