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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Everton top six stat

Interesting statistic on the official Everton site today:

"In a league table of matches between sides in the Premiership's top six Everton are currently placed second behind Manchester United and ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Bolton.

That point is illustrated by victories this season over Liverpool, Arsenal and Bolton coupled with draws at Anfield and The Emirates.

But for Chelsea's late flurry in the league meeting at Goodison, Manchester United would be the only side in the top six to have secured victory against the Blues."

Now, if we could only learn to take points from Man City, Villa and Charlton...

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Reckon it's between Spurs and Everton now for fifth, Bolton have bust out, and then some...

I trust on return to England, Andy, sorry, Andrew Johnson will pick up again the pace he appears to have left behind en route to Israel...?
Woeful tonight. Then again, he wasn't the only one, oh no...

They do seem to have gone off the rails a bit. Perhaps 'Big Sam' is eyeing up the soon to be vacant position of chief England head scratcher...

I think it's fair to say that anyone would have struggled up front having to put up with the creative support from a barely league 1 standard midfield performance!

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