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Friday, February 16, 2007


Seven Things

Patroclus has found herself completing a meme - Seven Things. It's as self-explanatory as the instructions for making toast and I have five minutes to kill, so here we go:

Seven Things I Have Wanted To Be

1. A pedal steel guitar maestro
2. A journalist (it was short lived)
3. An MP (that as well)
4. Better able to grow sideburns
5. More comfortable in social situations 
6. A footballer (because *that's* original)
7. A faster reader

Seven Things I Have Been

1. An electrical engineering apprentice (for three months)
2. A shoegazer (and the use of the past tense here is factually incorrect)
3. A Frosties competition winner
4. Long haired
5. A bronze medal winning member of the England junior Karate squad
6. The proud manager of an all conquering football team (on Football Manager)
7. Rejected for a skateboarder...


What did you win in the Frosties competition?

Hahah! It's a good question and it has a barely believable answer... I won the star prize of a Gladiators board game, watch, t-shirt and stationary set. Oh yes. That Wolf pencil sharpener remains one of my most cherished childhood memories. The board game was rubbish though! You spent 2 hours assembling an arena out of cut and fold cardboard templates and then the game instructions were utterly confounding and scarcely comprehensible. In fact. It's making me angry just thinking about it now.

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