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Friday, February 16, 2007


Champagne (Supernova) Socialist

You have to laugh. Noel Gallagher has come out with a scathing attack on Prime Minsister Blair (all attacks on the PM are scathing these days). After being wooed by our Tone at number 10 back in those heady days of '97 when we were on the crest of change and things could only get better ... blah blah ... Cool Brittania etc. Noel has seemingly changed his opinion on the former Ugly Rumours frontman and in the style of his and his brother's usual 'we have another dire dad-rock album coming out and need some coverage, I'll make a derogative comment about the current music scene' technique has sought to cast aspersions on Blair's performance. If it's as bad as Oasis were at the Brits, he's in real trouble. Noel's got form of this of course, there were the infamous comments that Jack White looks like Zorro with a doughnut addiction and that George (Harrison) was always the quiet Beatle - maybe he should keep that up. His brother has said that Chris Martin looks like a geography teacher (he had to get one right, though the line itself might well be borrowed from Marcus Brigstocke), Radiohead are a bunch of Morris dancers and then on Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters - "I’m more entertaining than that cocksucker. And I’ll rip his fucking vocal chords out any day because he’s fucking rubbish." Nice. I find that homophobic outbursts in the NME always help me sell my new album.

Even the headline from the BBC story makes me choke with laughter:

"Oasis's Noel attacks Blair record"

Noel is in the proverbial glasshouse if he's going to start attacking people's records. If the PM had had the misfortune to sit through Be Here Now then we could easily be switching some of the words around to make the equally legitimate headline - Labour's Tony attacks Oasis record.

But then it gets better! Gallagher goes on to say that David Cameron is "no different" from Blair and that he is "like a songwriter who's eternally ripping off someone else's song".

Oh dear, oh dear. Noel has moved out of the glasshouse and into a bloody glass mansion with that one. It is well known that Oasis are rivalling the Bootleg Beatles as the nation's favourite tribute act to the fab-four and that their songs have often borrowed from T-Rex and The Stones (Noel has even admitted that the melody for Live Forever was ripped off the Stones' Shine A Light).

So to sum up, we have a fading rock star fronting a useless band of has beens. And then we have Noel Gallagher.

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