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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Bellamy in trouble?

Who could have foreseen that happening? Yes, this is the story that on Liverpool's team break to Portugal, Craig Bellamy took offence to John Arne-Riise's reluctance to take part in the karaoke and later attacked the Norwegian with a golf club in a drunken frenzy.

Liverpool FC are refusing to comment on the story.

Prolix wonders if it was a big or a small club.

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It's not a laughing matter really, it sounds like Bellamy is driving a wedge through the team. If he keeps chipping away at team harmony eventually he'll miss the green and end up in the rough.

That was an awful shot he shaped to take last night: all the weight on the back foot, stance of his legs too far apart, shoulders hunched - bound to overshoot the fairway and land in the rough, no question about it...

But of course, there was other football last night we could discuss...? :)

Argh! I thought I'd gotten away with that. Still, you had to win away again at some point and we still won 3-2 on aggregate :D Not sure what the Moyesiah was up to with his substitutions mind...

The Everton fans booing and demonstrating at the weekend seem a little petty and premature. As did the anti-Jol (or "Fat Dutch Clown" too-cool-for-school-ers) gathering around the Lane or adjacent phone-in shows a little while ago, suddenly conspicuous by their absence...
Suddenly, with only Everton and Spurs of that little pack winning this weekend, the fight for sixth, maybe even fifth, looks a little tighter.

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