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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Richmond Fontaine return!

Richmond Fontaine are almost certainly my favourite band and they have seen fit to grace us with another album this February (released in the UK on the 8th). I'll be posting about this at greater length in the not to distant future, so for now, just enjoy this video of the boys, it's a track called Capsized and it appears on the soon to be released Thirteen Cities:


Not ANOTHER new album to add to the listening list...? I can't keep up, and it's not even February yet...!
Luke Haines and The Shins have been the best of the bunch so far, with Bloc Party's (gradually) growing on me...

What have you made of the Willy Vlautin book?

Ah yes, I'm looking forward to the new Bloc Party album, big fan of the first - it seemed to get looked over come the end of the year. Looking forward to Drums and Guns, the new Low release as well.

As for Richmond Fontaine - there is a (possibly) tediously long post coming up about them which includes the Motel Life.

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