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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


So, that was Christmas

and what have we done?

Well, I've eaten an absurd amount of food. Drunk a lot of wine and for the most part been rather merry - I understand that to be protocol. Here are a couple of shots from the day:

More at my Flickr page.

I hope you had a Christmas as pleasant as mine. Sounds like Mr Angry did:

"So how would you mime the third syllable in 'Casablanca'? You'd think i'd done it nude the way some of them reacted..."
He liveblogged the whole charade (literally) from his mobile. Makes for an amusing read.

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Sounds a very merry'un - enjoy The Motel Life, it's an intriguing read indeed... He can't sing, but boy can Willy Vlautin write a tale...

I'm certainly looking forward to it, seems as though it's another of Willy's heartbreaking tales of emotional torment and despair. Just the ticket for Christmas.

Hear what you're saying about the voice but I stand by a once uttered statement that he possesses the most perfect voice. Ever!

Anyway, sooner a rough around the edges Vlautin than a smoothed over, vocodered Paris Hilton or something equally hideous.

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