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Monday, December 18, 2006


Mourinho is a scheming hypocrit.

Neil Warnock, Arsene Wenger, Chris Coleman and now Jose Mourinho. What have they all got in common? They've deliberately accused Andy Johnson of being a diver, be it before or after meeting Everton. You can't watch an Everton match these days without hearing about Johnson's 'reputation' a reputation earned not through being a diver but by being labelled one by opposition manager's looking to influence referees and belittle a player's confidence.

We have now not been awarded blatant penalties at least thee times since the reputation media mind games started. This latest outburst from Mourinho was the most aggressive, he claimed that Johnson was not trustworthy and that the striker was so embarrassed by his diving he stopped doing it after the incident. Or maybe Jose, you twat, he just wasn't shoved over in the box again. The galling thing is that the referees clearly HAVE been influenced by the media talk and understandably Johnson's game has suffered for it, his goal drought now in to double figures of games.

Of course, the complete and utter hypocrisy from Mourinho in calling Johnson a diver is his own team's record of simulation and deviousness, was he not the manager of Porto when they cynically cheated their way to beat Celtic in the 2005 UEFA Cup Final? What about the much lauded theatrics between Drogba and Lehman just last weekend - what was that if not play acting? Wenger is hardly one to talk after Robert Pires perfected the art of the dive at Highbury for seasons on end.

Anyway, here is evidence if it were even necessary that cretin Mourinho and his team of mercenaries are about as white than white as our dear Prime Minister:

While I'm loathed to suggest that legal proceedings are brought about and believe me, many are all for it - you could certainly make a convincing case for defamation of character, that really shouldn't have a place in football. I just hope this total hypocrisy from Mourinho is so laughably narrow-minded and baseless that this cloud above Johnson lifts, I'm not banking on it though.

I'm not even going to raise the point about Johnson being careful to straddle the keeper rather than land on his head in the manner that, understandably infuriated Mourinho when both Cech and Cudicini were injured against Reading earlier in the season. Or the reluctance of the Chelsea manager to look at a replay on the monitor as Moyes gesticulated. I hope Mourinho realises what an absolute tit he's made of himself this weekend and that he is plain wrong about the incident, he just can't see it through his bulletproof, blue tinted glasses.


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If Mourinho's comments are not cause for a charge of bringing the game into disrepute, I don't know what is... I say bring it on, legal complexities or no... if no one calls him on it, he'll continue speaking with pig-headed impunity.

I really am close to being fed up with football, it is so crammed with idiots. The game has no credit when managers behave the way he, Wenger, Ferguson, Warnock, et al do (even ol' Moyes should watch himself sometimes) never mind the foul-mouthed, ever-gesticulating, melon-headed player-muppets - it's tiresome, embarrassing and infuriating. It makes those smug rugby types look justly righteous when they claim theirs is the true gentleman's game. Most in football wouldn't recognise gentlemanly behaviour if it punched them (politely!) in the face...

get a life- Mourinho is an idiot, but your poorly worded 'blog' isn't going to make any difference.

Lyndon: Once again we are singing from the same hymn sheet, I completely see your falling out of love with the game - and we've not even mentioned the £££'s aspect!

Anonymous: It's not meant to make a difference, it's a medium for voicing your opinions. You don't have to read it.

Glad we can agree on Mourinho though!

The classic case of saying comment blogs are pointless by ... er ... commenting on a blog... nice...

Ah, Jose could be worse - he could be Wenger...!

(Have been having trouble commenting on your blog lately, they never seem to take - here's hoping this meagre one works...)

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