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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Mealy Mouthed Mourinho Makes aMends

So, there it is.

'The special one' has seen fit to apologise. A good day for Everton, a good day for the reputation of Andy Johnson and a good day for football.

Reading through the opinions of fellow Evertonians these last few days has made interesting reading, quite a range of feeling from the apathetic 'leave it, nothing will come out of it' corner, via the 'makes us look small time' brigade to the 'sue the ass off him' tribe.

The best read though, was this fruity invective from Morky:

"There is nothing worse as an Evertonian than people like Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho coming out and saying nice things about us. I used to cringe when Walter was here and after United's reserves would beat us in 2nd gear, Ferguson would speak warmly of us as if we were a handicapped nephew of his or something. I don't like them and I don't want them to like us. I don't want condescending bastards like Mourinho handing us false compliments, because that means we are shit.

I want them to punch the air when they score against us and I want them to talk shit about us, and I want Moyes to stand there, toe to toe with the c#nts and fight our corner.

F#ck them. We need to start getting in their faces.

You know what I hated about Sunday's game? Johnson running after their players like a little f#cking dog, explaining that he didn't dive and trying to reason with them.

Do you think Duncan would have done that. Or Sharpie? Would Bill Deane have cared what they thought?

I want our players to score at Anfield and bow three times to the Kop, or twat a free kick in the top corner and run past giving them the fingers, or even smash one in at Leicester and then go and offer their bench out.

F#ck being nice. Nice is for the weak."

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Morky is ace isn't he...tremendous ranting.

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