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Monday, December 04, 2006


Every dog has his day

Just a quick post to say how impressed I was with a certain enigmatic Dutchman on Sunday:

After countless injuries, rumours, unfavourable headlines and utterly absurd events, we finally got to see a glimpse of the Van Der Meyde who used to do this sort of thing week in week out for Ajax (I know he's playing for Inter in the link!).

A ridiculously depleted Everton squad (we ended the match with 5 central defenders and four strikers on the pitch!) saw a rare start for VDM and after taking 10 or so minutes to settle, he began to take hold of the match and whipped in cross after cross. Making Konchesky look a complete mug on more than one occasion, Beattie was so shocked by this uncharacteristic quality of delivery from an Everton wide man that he completely forgot what to do with them. It was great to see Van Der Meyde shining and he looked to be enjoying himself. Impressive though his crossing undoubtedly was, what really caught my eye was a moment where he tracked back and launched an inch perfect cruncher of a tackle to win back the ball and initiate another attack! Wonderful to see James Vaughan score as well, especially considering his 14 months out of the game with a serious knee injury.

Well in the Blues.

Something else I spotted - looking at the Premiership table, Arsenal in 3rd are closer to Sheffield United in 16th than they are Chelsea in 2nd... That can't be good for the competitiveness of the league. Or can it? I suppose in effect it means that barring the top two and the slowly drifting bottom two, there is very little between the sides.

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he must be good - "Football Manager 2007" says so!
Gonna need him to be on form if Arteta's not gonna be around for a bit. But has VDM stolen AJ's form?

He's awful on my game! Had to loan him out to Wolves!

I think a fit and firing VDM is just what the side needs - especially without Arteta as you say, without either we would be criminally short of creatively. Now, with BOTH in the same team... Wait, I'm dreaming again.

AJ will come good again. Won't he?

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