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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Checkout Monkey Moyes

The Spine have their say on the possible new Everton stadium deal with Tesco. With predictably hilarious consequences:

Davey Moyes on the checkout, via the Spine

I really ought to post on the subject properly before too long.

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Not convinced... I still reckon we should have just gone for a ground share on Stanley Park. If only because if you're going to get rid of the only piece of greenery in a less than scenic part of Liverpool you should get maximum value and use out of it. I know it's not popular with others, but it makes financial and community sense.

I also don't get the rationale for a new Everton stadium. We have a capacity of 40,000 and a bit, but have had average attendaces of little more than 33,000 for the last 10 years - who is going to fill any more seats? (Except for the RS and ManU games) It reminds me of the time I was accosted by a drunk in Lime St station, accusing me of "stealing" his seat because I'm a Londoner - "Listen, mate, our ground holds 40,000, there were 29,800 there today, I'm stealing no one's seat"

Goodison is one of the great ground(fnar)-breaking stadiums of English football and to toss it aside for the sake of a few more corporate boxes is stupid. We'll only end up with a flat-pack plastic nonentity like the Riverside, Stadium of Light, eyesores, and maybe even selling the naming rights for a ridiculously low sum like Arsenal. Bearing in mind the debts they've taken on with Ashburton, don't we have enough debt already?

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