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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Team of the week

It would be a good idea if I blogged about non-football related topics between these Garth Crooks posts. I should probably think about that. In the meantime, here is the latest offering:

Garth Crooks' Team | Prolix's Team

Mr Crooks' team this week is (like last week) a fairly solid selection, I have a few differences of opinion though, as you can see. We both selected the crazy German in goal, his stunning reflex save from Solksjaer and less aesthetically stunning but exceptionally bold, full-facial (that should bring my hits via google searches up) save clearly won us both over.

As is fast becoming the standard, both Campbell (another Pompey cleansheet) and Woodgate get the nod in defence along with determined new boy, Gallas. This is where the first difference comes in; Crooks' opted for a rigid 4-4-2 formation whilst I chose a 3-5-2, this enabled me to include an extra midfielder - the area I considered to contain the best performers of the weekend. My extra man was Joey Barton in a holding role, ahead of Crooks' choice of Pascal Chimbonda at fullback. From what I saw of Spurs, Chimbonda didn't have a particularly outstanding game, Barton on the other hand was at his dynamic best and could have had a hatrick.

Fabregas and Scharner were impossible to leave out based on their weekend showings and as such both Garth and myself included them in central roles. While we both also selected the ex-Wolves man Ki-Hyeon, we had dissimilar taste when it came to the left wing - I went for the exciting Pedersen (another cracking goal, ran City ragged) whereas Garth opted for the admittedly not unimpressive Duff.

As with the midfield, Drogba was essential after a brilliant goal and all-round performance, I felt that the rapid Martins (100m in under 11 seconds apparently) did more to impress than the equally pacy Johnson however. Whilst Johnson was lively and hardworking, he should have perhaps scored more than his one goal (which itself was a rebound). Martins put on a great display, took his goal well and proved the doubters wrong. Besides, Johnson was in last week's team and I don't want to jinx him.

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Top site, I agree with you Johnson showed that he's only human against Wigan. Interesting that MotD didn't bother showing the Kirkland - deZeuw - Cahill altercation eh? Lehman's save was awesome.

Yes, I couldn't make out why that was left out of the highlights either, especially considering that two of the five matches shown finished 0-0.

Or maybe it's just more of my 'the media are all anti-Everton' paranoia...

Just 'cause we are paranoid, mate, doesn't mean they're not out to get us! ;)

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