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Monday, September 25, 2006


Michael 'Thumbs' Brown

I know it's usually 'fingers'...

Michael Brown was sent to jail for two years today. The Liberal Democrat donor (to the tune of 2.4 million pounds) was found guilty of "very deliberate and pointed" dishonesty.

All I can think of though, when I see this picture:

Is how much his head looks like assorted facial features stuck on a big pink thumb - in case you don't believe me, I've made a mock up below:

Now. Tell me I'm wrong...

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You're... odd. ;)

My instinctive thought on hearing the news of Michael Brown being jailed for two years was: that's a bit harsh for a few late tackles...


He's just a bit erm... 'enthusiastic' to be on the pitch again after spending a season or so in the extremely well populated Hotspur midfield doldrums!

teehee, he could change his name to either Tom or Thumbelina.

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