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Sunday, September 03, 2006


He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

The Killers new album - Sam's Town, is set for release on the 3rd of October. I was quite a fan of their debut album, Hot Fuss (until it got played to death by just about everyone) and as such was already looking forward to the new material. That's before the rumours started breaking about the follow-up being a major change of style, then I was really looking forward to it.

Where as Hot Fuss was largely Vegas inspired, sleazy synth orientated, post-punk pop, the rumours suggest that Sam's Town was inspired by Springsteen and feature a more rags to riches narrative than err, just the riches. As a huge fan of the Boss, this caused me to feel both intruiged and apprehensive. The lead single will be When You Were Young (which you can download courtesy of Musikoon - here), straight away you can understand these Springsteen comparisons - particularly so Born to Run and the synthy Glory Days, Dancing in the Dark etc... The drums are classic pounding Springsteen and Flowers' lyrics have taken on a Boss like slant, especially so in the lines:
"We're burning down the highway skyline, on the back of a hurricane,
That started turning, when you were young"
There you have a speeding vehicle reference, "getting out of this city" escapism and a rose tinted vision of lost youth - all classic Springsteen and that's just one verse! Whether the rest of the album continues on a similar theme or not, we will have to wait and see.

I think When You Were Young is a great single and this despite not liking it straight away, it's really grown on me and continues to do so with every listen - though I appreciate this can't go on infinitely and I fully expect to have gone off it again once it recieves the obligatory media overkill.

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Hmmmmm - I loved their first album (despite having a couple of obvious fillers) and have been really looking forward to their second album, waiting to see how their would advance their sound. Have been a little underwhelmed by the single so far, but will see if it grows on me like it did you. Just sounds a little too similar to Hot Fuss for me so far - I was hoping for more of a step forward.

"All These Things That I Have Done" still sends shivers...

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