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Monday, August 14, 2006


Ok, a quick question for you...

One of those, is a real television documentary which screened tonight on Channel5. The other two are satirical documentaries devised by Armando Iannucci for his new comedy - Time Trumpet.

Not easy is it? Answer here.

On a related note, Doctorvee and Will Howells have alerted fans of Time Trumpet to a scheduling blunder that sees it clash with the equally excellent Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe at 10pm on Thursday. The BBC scheduling department (if such a thing exists) have made an error here as it appears that fans of one show are highly likely to be fans of the other, way to shoot yourselves in the foot guys... Although, coming from the people who scheduled Messiah - where a serial killer was brutally murdering people with the same forename as the 12 disciples (in ever more gruesome ways) - on EASTER SUNDAY, it's hardly surprising.

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I missed last week's, but the first episode of Time Trumpet was - despite high hopes - easily the worst of Armando I can recall. Just petty, directionless, pointless fluff...
There were some very-occasional lovely moments - Tony Blair seeing ghosts, for example, and the Cameron wristband footage (unnecessarily repeated over, and over, and over... and over again, though...)
But other sketches, that The Day Today would have dashed off in a split-second, dragged on and unbearably ooooooonnnnnnnn...
The Blair-Brown fight was hardly original - but I did smile when it was the backdrop to a voiceover about Blair facing increasingly angry clashes with his Chancellor. As a two-second glancing gag. When the same footage reappeared later, I sighed. Then groaned on each successive repeat, including the last-ditch preview of the following week's show...
Okay already!
Eastenders and Charlotte Church went on far too long and weren't as hilarious as they thought they were. And Ianucci's interviewing was similarly too slow and stuttery - though I did laugh at "... a mirror?" "... Oh yes."
And if David Cameron will be forgotten about in several decades' time, why devote such flattering namechecks to Charlotte Church or Justin Lee Collins? Say he'd done this ten years ago, would Crispin Mills or Lee Hurst references mean anything meaningful anymore?
Saddening. Hopefully "The Thick Of It" Christmas special will make all right with the world again...

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