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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Remember the name

Not deterred by his young age, brand Rooney have decided that Wayne's multitude of experiences require publication in the form of an autobiography. Perhaps they will bring one out after every four seasons; we could therefore expect a minimum of three more volumes. Anyway, this is not the point, we knew about the book deal ages ago. No, the current story is the book's serialisation in the Daily Mail (bile filled, obnoxious and intolerant - a match made in heaven!), yesterday saw the following comments from Rooney or rather by Hunter Davies his ghost writer and my reaction to them:

"I would have gone almost anywhere to get away from Moyes and considered a move to Newcastle".

You would have had about as much success if you had Wayne and if you thought Moyes was a disciplinarian, wait until you'd played under Souness!.

On Moyes - "To me he appeared overbearing, just wanting to control people."

Is that not what a manager is supposed to do?

According to the United striker, Moyes also criticised him for "taking the captain's armband and putting it on after Duncan Ferguson had been sent off."

Again, what's the problem there? Why would the then 17 year old Rooney believe that he was to assume the captaincy and that doing so would result in no criticism whether he was supposed to or not?

The major bone of contention for Rooney seems to be the issue of the newspaper stories regarding his visits to prostitutes, he claims to have first confided in Moyes about the visits and the next day finding the story all over the Liverpool ECHO. He goes on to tell how:

"I was absolutely furious as I'd been talking to Moyes in private. In front of all the players I had a real go at him. How did that story get out, except from you?" I raged.

"You're a f****ing joke. I don't want to play for you ever again."

Notice how he purposefully mentions that he did this "in front of all the players", why is that important, because he thinks it makes him look like a hardman, that's why. The truth of course, is that in fact, the revelations about Rooney's visits to sex parlours had first appeared in national newspapers.

Enough of the quotations. Rooney is a complete and utter idiot who believes his own hype. The facts are that he hasn't scored competitively for England since he was at Everton and he hasn't scored in the Champions League since his debut years ago - against a dreadful Fenerbache side. Everton finished 17th with him and 4th without him.

Something else that really annoys me though, is how upon the transfer, the media fawned over Alex Ferguson with empty platitudes of how "Alex will calm him down, he's so good at all this managing of players business and instilling calmness and respect."

Oh is that right? Is the same Ferguson who has had players playing for him who have: launched flying kung-fu kicks at people in the crowd, gotten off rape charges, missed random drug tests, spat at fans... and that's without even mentioning Roy Keane!

This post has very little in the way of structure, apologies for that - I got caught up in my own quiet rage.

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Well said, sir. Well said indeed.

I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of Moyes, the man aptly described by Danny Baker as looking like he constantly chews marbles...
Can't quite imagine how Rooney can consider Ferguson any more easy-going, though...

well, quite... and given his recent behaviour one might have said that Rooney could do with a little controlling, no?

Everton need better than 17 goals in 77 games anyway - here's hoping AJ (or Anichebe, after his impressive pre-season) can provide.

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