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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Comic justice for the smarmy salesman

A rather hilarious moment at work has just seen the awfully smarmy photocopier salesman who spent most of the morning leching over our 17 year old admin girl and trying to coerce her in to accompanying him to the pub, have to awkwardly walk back in to the office and ask to use the phone because he's "shut his keys in the car a little bit". Hahah. There is a God and he has a mean sense of humour.

It gets better! He's now gone to the pub (alone) and the AA guy is running out of options, perhaps I should tell him we have some bricks available...


Nice. Has he been seen since?

Unfortunately he managed to get the keys back without any windows needing to be smashed. Bah. He sheepishly snuck off soon after that...

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