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Monday, June 26, 2006


A visitor drops by the office

In possibly the most exciting event ever to ever happen at work, a pigeon has landed and remained sat upon our office window ledge for the last twenty minutes. He (or she - for we are currently unaware how to determine the gender of a pigeon) walks up and down, fluffs his/her feathers and then taps on the window with his/her little beak. Photo's available here:

I tried to talk to it but a puzzled expression suggested it couldn't understand my pigeon English (sorry, couldn't resist that).

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Looks like a girl pigeon to me, Pro. They have smaller heads.

And how jealous am I of your office! With a lovely view of fields and trees and everything! Ours overlooks a skanky 1960s BT building.

I must say, it is set in rather pleasant surroundings - all fields, hedges (no fences!) and the faint smell of manure. It's especially good at the moment as both the ducks and geese have given birth to ducklings and goslings (respectively... obviously).

Good work with the gender determination! I should really post an update about my new found friend but I have visions of this blog turning in to Springwatch.

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