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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Prediction results, England Vs Sweden

Jamie Carragher will have a solid game defensively but offer precious little going forward - he won't make double figures in terms of forward passes (that aren't hopeful punts).

Well, Carragher offered next to nothing going forward and barely played a single forward ball all night - I was correct in that prediction. I had expected him to be much more solid in defence though.

Verdict: Half right.

Ashley Cole will be the complete opposite, he will have an abysmal game defensively and frequently be at fault but will offer an outlet going forward and link up well with his namesake, Joe.

Ashley Cole certainly had an abysmal game in defensive terms but I was perhaps too optimistic in thinking he would be better going forwards.

Verdict: Half right.

John Terry will be sturdy in defence whilst his more flamboyant partner gets caught in possession more than once.

Terry had an absolute shocker and was worse than Rio.

Verdict: Incorrect.

Robinson will fluff a couple of catches from crosses and corners but will get away with it.

Robinson was guilty of a few mistakes and his play from corners and crosses was dreadful, I was wrong to think he'd get away with it!

Verdict: Half right.

I will moan about Beckham's inability to beat a man or tackle, he'll then pull out an incredible 60 yard pass and make me look an utter fool.

This was eerily accurate in that I spent a lot of time moaning about him and the only worthwhile thing he did all night was make a superb 60 yard pass to Rooney. That aside, he was a dire.

Verdict: Correct.

Crouch will come on and score.

He certainly came on - a little earlier than I was anticipating admittedly, he failed to score though.

Verdict: Incorrect.

Hargreaves will be solid enough but his distribution will let him down, we still won't know where we stand with him.

Hargreaves' performance (along with Joe Cole's) was one of the few positives to come out of the match, he was solid and covered a lot of ground. His distribution was unspectacular but he hardly gave the ball away at all. I think we are all a little wiser as to why he was selected now.

Verdict: Half right.

Lampard will get booked (resulting in him missing the next game).

Well, Frank didn't get booked; he didn't do anything at all in fact.

Verdict: Inorrect.

Linderoth and Alexandersson wil play infinitely better than they ever managed for Everton.

Linderoth was superb and effectively marked Lampard out of the game, Alexandersson though was poor - Joe Cole ran him ragged.

Verdict: Half right.

The match will finish 1-1.

It looked to be headed for this very scoreline until Gerrard popped up and consequently provoked a Swedish response. I was right in predicting a draw but can't justify giving myself even a 'half right'.

Verdict: Incorrect

TOTAL: (Assuming 1 point for a correct prediction, 0.5 for a half right one and 0 points for an incorrect prediction).

= 3.5

Not a good performance at all... and my predictions weren't up to much either.

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