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Monday, June 26, 2006


Newsnight dynamite

The political blogosphere is excitedly awaiting tonight's Newsnight interview with Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary breaks his silence to talk of his time in office, his departure from the Cabinet and the performance of his successor, John Reid.

The BBC are claiming that what he has to say is "political dynamite".

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Of course they are. "Newsnight" want people to tune in.

As I argue here, Clarke has made these comments now, in the midst of the World Cup, in order to minimise the damage done to Tony Blair.

If he wanted to mimimise the damage done to Tony Blair, he wouldn't have said anything at all. It's more likely that he realises his only chance of another cabinet job is in a Brown administration. So he is attempting to endear himself to Brownites through this series of media interviews in which he attempts to hasten the departure of Blair - not only this but he gets to give Reid a good kicking as well.

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