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Friday, June 30, 2006


And it's goodbye from him...

Maradona waves goodbye

Well, if you will take off Crespo and Riquelme, refuse to play Messi and try and ride out a 1-0 win by time wasting...


Interesting tournament for the big-though-not-as-big-as-before man. He didn't even get to see his side roll out, because he'd stomped off in a pique when not all of his ever-expanding entourage were let in.
Ah well.

Still, this pre-tournament quote from him was a gem: 'If he [Pekerman] wins the Cup we'll all say he's great, and we backed him all the way. And if he comes home early we'll say we knew it would never work, and he should have picked a different team. That's how it always is and always will be.'

No wonder Pekerman will probably be happier out of it - and back doing the youth job he probably prefers.

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