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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Crawling back

This is one of those awkward 'lack of post' posts where I make up excuses for my lack of activity and beg for your forgiveness. Except I wont, make excuses that is, I will however beg your forgiveness.

So, in life news, I've finally got my car back after an incident involving a hedge (on the opposite side of the road to me, - how impressive utterly stupid) and fortunately the damage to both car and wallet was minimal.

I've discovered and been to see Amusement Parks On Fire since the last post and there will be a review of that gig to follow here as soon as I finish writing it.

Politically, well, what hasn't happened?! The Clarke and Prescott stories rumble on without end, new examples of incompetence and seedy goings on have seen to that, yet we are still to see ministerial blood spilt... surely one of them should have gone by now? You begin to wonder just what a minister has to do in order to warrant a resignation - Eat a child? Maim a puppy? Flash the Pope? All no doubt will be appearing in the 2007 edition of Dale and Fawkes' Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze... Local elections tonight as well, I'm considering an all night live-blog to make amends for my period of inactivity but I know how awful I'll feel at work on Friday if I don't get at least five hours sleep. We'll see.

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