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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


All Quiet In The East Stand? Hardly.

In a story surely beyond the imagination of Eastenders scriptwriters, a suited man from a legal firm broke in to Iain Dowie's Charlton unveiling press conference to present him with a writ from Simon Jordan - all live on Sky Sports News.

Trapped at work, I've been unable to see the footage but fortunately All Quiet In The East Stand is liveblogging the unfolding drama.

Jordan is understandably peeved at Dowie, having waived a million pound clause in his contract to allow him to leave the club - on the grounds that he was moving north to spend more time with his family. Well, he has moved north. About 15 miles north, to manage rivals Charlton Athletic!

Jordan might have a reputation as a bruiser and a bully but he only does what he feels is best for the club, his taking a stance on the issue of agents for example was and still is, hugely admirable.

What odds on Palace and Charlton meeting in the cup this year?

That would be the orange slime answering to the name Simon Jordan, who owns a hefty stake in John Smith's football agency, perhaps...?
I think he's an unpleasant joke of an attention-seeker, who should surely be concentrating on filling yet another managerial position - rather than doing more to put off any half-decent candidates from accepting the Palace poisoned chalice.
Eight managers in seven years - that can't be good. Especially when two of those he's forced out, Coppell and Dowie, will be happily waving to him from the Premiership next season.
Mind you, having unfortunately had to deal with his brother Dominic in his day-to-day running of the club, it may seem hard to believe but Simon's actually, comparatively, the charmer of the family...
Charlton are a very dull club, though, aren't they? Now trying ever-so-hard to drum up some spite and rivalry with someone, anyone...
Will be interesting to see Charlton v Everton next season, and how Dowie responds to a Johnson dive to win a penalty this time...!

Excellent remarks reference Andy Johnson facing Ian Dowie next year, akr. I too look forward to this.

In regards to Charlton being a dull club... maybe this is true (well, there is no maybe about it!), but with Ian Dowie at the helm, I predict better times for the club. That won't necessarily translate into a better league position, mind you, or even a better run in the cups... but I do predict a much more enjoyable brand of football, and I'm certainly looking forward to welcoming Ian Dowie back into the media spotlight.

By the way, are you actually suggesting (and I could be way off the beaten track with this one) that you have met, and had business relations with (heck, relations of any nature), Dominic Jordan?

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