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Friday, April 21, 2006


DEFRA here, no need to fear

Reports have come in to prolix that just outside the Co-Op store in Cranbrook, Kent, DEFRA's rapid response unit has been called in to action. In a scene flawlessly displaying the organisation's competence and situation handling ability - prolix's man on the street describes how "four tiny red traffic cones form a small square with red and white hazard tape wound round them, in the middle of this makeshift fence lies a dead duck with it's little orange feet in the air."

There should be a picture on the way to confirm this.

How very reassuring...

UPDATE: Picture now received.

Dead Duck

The govts taskforce for lets give UK farmers Fuckall (CPA means - keep any dough thats going) and tell the papers that we should get rid of the CPA. Then a couple of days after Tony and his entrepreneurs have retired with massive pensions we will wake up to the economic principal!

I'm not worried about bird flu, so I've no qualms in saying that this is the funniest thing I've read *and* seen all day. Thanks for that, Pro!

Photo = excellent.

Word verif: 'eyugveg' - an anagram of 'eggy'! Vue.

All I can say is - thank goodness it wasn't a swan. They appear to only have limited quanitities of 'special tape'...

Good work with the anagram there James, I do that as well, not only does it amuse me for five minutes - it doubles as spam protection. Really messes things up though when you get only consonants. Bah!

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