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Monday, February 06, 2006


Education Minister has egg on her face.

Apologies. Thought I'd try and get in before everyone else does.

Credit to the BBC for the image.

Sorry, you thought you'd get in first? As in... throwing the egg... or posting the link?

Either way, if you're not part of the solution - you're part of the problem! You're guilty as hell, and you're going down.

Thanks for listening!

As in using the 'egg on face' comment...

Besides, I was nowhere near Salford. Honest.

Well, I'm not sure I believe you. After all, you make a lot of "Company drops", don't you?

Don't you!

I shall be going back to Fulham tonight. So we've lost a few games on the bounce - I'm making a strong stuff. I can turn it around. Our pre-season form hinted at better things, and I'm keen to realise my ambitions with this under-achieving club. That's right! I will turn the corner, I will blood the youngsters, I will follow in the steps of pr0lix!

Either that or I'll uninstall it and say I didn't like the game anyway!

Sadly this is a field of activity where the bar has already been set very, very high...

"To share... or to shaft."

Seems like a bit of both, there.

You wanna write your first Everton post, Pete? What better time than after Moyes gets manager of the month. I think the heavy 4-1 defeat to Chelsea swung it in his favour.

I've just recovered from an hour long nosebleed. I'm still spitting out the blood.

Have a great day everyone!

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