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Friday, February 10, 2006


Duncan' the Disorderly

DISCLAIMER: I feel I should make it known at this point that I am an Everton fan, please bear this in mind when reading my blog!

In addition to the suspension Ferguson has already begun serving - for the red card in the match versus Wigan, the FA have now banned him for a further four games. Their reasoning for this is as follows:

"Because referee Mike Dean had already decided to dismiss Ferguson before the Chimbonda incident, this matter fell outside the jurisdiction of the match officials but was reported to the FA."

"It is broken down into three matches for violent conduct, with a further match suspension in line with disciplinary rules which categorise the proven charge as effectively his second sending - off of the season."

What gets my goat, is not the ban itself - it was deserved of course; it's the gross inconsistency when it comes to these incidents. Will Reina receive an additional ban for raising his hand to Robben? Why on earth was Andy Cole's ban only for 6 games and then REDUCED after his sending off against WBA back in September 2004? He punched Neil Clement in the face and then abused a match official, unquestionably a more serious offence than the pictured incident above. Besides, the scuffle in which the "Chimbonda incident" took place also saw Chimbonda raising his arm to Ferguson's face (see picture), Jason Roberts throwing a punch and Tim Cahill likewise. Surely they are all equally culpable of violent conduct and should be disciplined accordingly?

There needs to be a full - scale review of how these incidents are dealt with by the FA, the contradictory penalties are becoming ridiculous and the rulings are either exceedingly harsh or pathetically lenient.

I suppose it's pretty inevitable that Ferguson will be treated somewhat harsher than others, given his disciplinary record. Something else is that some of the other cases you highlight only involved "punches" as far as the rulebook was concerned - in actuality they were more like slaps/pushes/shoves etc. Ferguson visably thumped someone in the stomach, something which, considering most brawls that happen in football, is surprisingly rare. Refereeing standards are shockingly bad, though.

Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough. God in heaven...

The punch itself was the incident Ferguson received the red card for, as I understand it (from the news reports and the FA site itself), the 4 match additional ban comprised of a further three game ban for his arm raising to Chimbonda in the pictured incident above and an ensuing one match ban for receiving two red cards in one season – both of which were earned during the one game! Not many calls for a red card for Lehmann today after he shoved a Bolton player to the floor, or to Flamini with two-footed studs raised tackle either!

As for Middlesborough, well, where did they pull that performance from!?

He is a bit of an easy target, but the inconsistency of when video footage is used and when not - and the importance of a referee later reporting an incident or not - does seem rather chaotic...
Though it seems since Sepp Blatter fired a few verbal shots across the FA's bows after they rescinded Jenas' red card for Newcastle against Arsenal at the start of the season, it only seems to have goaded the FA into more, not less, retrospective action...

Mourinho out! McLaren for England! ;)

Ah, so I see you've all suddenly turned in to Boro fans!!

You all make me sick!!!

Have a super Sunday, guys.

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