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Monday, February 13, 2006


BlogCode arrives

Tim Ireland’s new blog tool launched today.

"BlogCode is a fast, easy and intuitive source of blog recommendations based on the model. It allows you to start with your favourite weblog (or perhaps even your own) and find others like it. Recommendations are based not only on subject matter, but also on the style and input of the bloggers themselves - and their readers. Plus the recommendations are formed by the collective view of those who have read and enjoyed these same weblogs."

From my albeit brief play around, it seems a great application though obviously as with all of these social networking web apps, they're only as good as the data people feed in. I'll be coding all my daily blogs over the next couple of days. Thus far, my matches are slightly odd, Doctor Vee at number one is spot on but from there down, i'm not so sure... This is no doubt due to BlogCode being in it's infancy though and hopefully in time my matches will become more accurate.

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social networking web apps?

if there was ever phrase i didnt need this morning, it was that.

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