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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


That's My Goal

The Distractor have selected the worst single release of 2005 as Shayne (with a trendy 'y') Ward's 'That's My Goal'. The X-Factor victor's rush job, number one in a box - just add 8m viewers for three months, huge media saturation and a twinkle of the eye, single was clearly just that. Not only was this song the worst single release of the year (at least the Crazy Frog wasn't masquerading as a genuine musical talent), it was also the most calculated. The Distractor give the "evil, despotic, shameful excuse for a human being" (Cowell) the critical kicking his shameful manipulation of both Ward and the public at large deserves in this must read post.

Let's hope the much hyped internet based 'music revolution' isn't just post-Libertines/Babyshambles/Arctic Monkeys media babble and is a genuine movement towards a fairer, more diverse music industry.

Hah! I'd love to deviate from the views of the majorty on that X-Factor song just to be a pain, but it is truly an awful track. I find it hard to suppress my personal fa...Andy should have won! I think he has the most beautiful voice for a guy, only falling second to Brenda. Both of which would have added another dimension to that track. It's just not the sort of song Shayne would choose, personally.

On a side note, don't you just adore how they iterate that, "I'm doing it for my friends, family and my 2 twin budgies," when really they're doing it for themselves in the most egoistic way, and why shouldn't they?! Sod sucking up to the fans! If they like it they'll buy it.

Loretta Lynn, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Aimee Mann - ah, sounds like a Christmas top three from a parallel, more-perfectly-realised dimension...
The fewer syllables spent on about Shayne and X-Factor, the, frankly, bet---...!

" Loretta Lynn, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Aimee Mann"

A man after my own heart!

Finally downloading the latest Ryan Adams album at the moment - after all, there could be another new one turning up any minute now, judging by his usual rate...

The Loretta comeback, though, is one my albums of this admittedly-young millennium so far... Ten times as cool as any grandmother could hope to get, surely..

I must admit, I haven't gotten around to hearing 29 yet either. I can't keep up with him.

Being a fan of the White Stripes and, Van Lear Rose was always going to appeal to me but I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. Fantastic album. She's not as cool as Emmylou though...

Well, quite - Emmylou is the perfect duettist too - she turns up everywhere! There's a great album, Singin' With Emmylou, which has about 30 different artists and songs, all benefitting from her eerily beautiful harmonies...

I'd go as far as to proclaim her the best harmony singer in the world – her recordings with Gram Parsons are peerless examples of close harmony singing.

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