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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sick as a dog

BBC Sport's Quotes of the Week section is often hit and miss, last week though, featured a wonderfully morose quote from 'Boro manager - Steve McClaren, following his side's 7-0 capitulation to Arsenal:

"Every defeat hurts. You might think it doesn't, but you ask my family, you ask the dog."

Perhaps someone should call the RSPCA...

In other news, this blog is the number one result on Google for: are you tamworth in disguise song.

Hmm. And didn't McClaren also claim he benefited more from seeing his side 7-0 to the vermin, than if they'd won...?

And he's STILL up their in the bookies' ranks for new England boss.

A strange, strange world indeed...

He assured everyone that it was an ‘important lesson’ for them. Shame he hadn’t seen fit to give them any ‘important lessons’ in the art of defending.

As for the England job, surely any of Sven’s failings on the pitch and in the dressing room are equally down to McLaren as his assistant? I can’t think of too many people I’d like to get the job less than him. If only for his dog’s sake.

Thankfully, I think that 'guilt by association' might just keep him from, er, kicking the dog too much ahead of future international tournaments...
Hiddink - or at least his adept PR people (unlike Sven's embarrassed agent - and with good reason to be...) - seems to be making the early manouevres, but suspect the FA won't go foreign again unless they sense a massive tidal wave of pro-Gus public support.
Now, for a man who has experience of - and friends within - the set-up, and of the players he'd be calling upon, wouldn't be surprised if some FA figures starting putting out discreet feelers to and about Peter Taylor... Maybe with a Brooking/Sir Bob in tandem...
Lump on...

Peter Taylor seems one of the best options in my opinion. He was very successful with the under 21's - a record of only 4 defeats in 21 games. In fact, during qualification for the 2000 Under-21 Euro Championships, his team had seven straight wins and looked set to have a great tournament - until he was replaced by Howard Wilkinson....

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