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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to TB

Tony Blair today launched the latest plans in his respect agenda. The picks of the bunch being a national parenting academy and 'possible' temporary evictions of troublesome families - including homeowners. Quite where these evicted families will be moved to and who will be paying for their accomodation, we can't be sure

More on this and the Lib Dem leadership contest later.

Cue, perhaps, a surfeit of newspaper cartoons tomorrow based on a conceit of Gordon Brown trying his angry best to evict his own 'neighbour from Hell'?
Lump on...

I think it's not so much 'if' as 'how many'! I'd suggest at least three will go with a similar theme.

I do like the idea that troublesome families will be booted out of their homes, I've had enough dealings will people like that and they do need punishment but, as you stated, you would be paying for this?

Used to chat fairly regularly with the infamous Giovanni di Stefano (or, John Smith, as he actually more mundanely is, or was...), self-professed lawyer to Hoogstraten, Arkan, Saddam, etc etc etc, and he insisted he -= with backing from Nasty Nick 'van' Hoogstraten - was buying a decommissioned warship off the Kent coast which he would offer to the Home Office for use as a prison ship... Maybe time to bring that idea back into planning? Now Hoogy's a free and "innocent" man, an' all, of course...

Ironically, two of the people I'd most like to see locked up on a prison ship are Di Stefano and Hoogstraten! It wouldn't suprise me if Blair has actually had a feasibilty study carried out on this...

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quite frankly your music tastes are embarrassing and even depressing. i would not post such a thing on my website, its like a MOR version of some list in NME or something.

Thank for your kind words, although, I fail to see how anyone can claim that Richmond Fontaine, Calexico, Husker Du and And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are MOR. As for the other comments they have been deleted as they were offensive.

Sounds interesting...

As Hoogy told an ex-colleague: "If there's one word in your article I don't like, I'll be straight on the phone to your editor. Two words, and you'll wake up in the Royal Sussex. Three words, and they'll find you floating off Shoreham Harbour.."

A "lovely", yet oh-so-intriguing fella...

Those teabags drying on the draining board...

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