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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Mine's a leadership election

Charles Kennedy has this evening admitted to having a drink problem and called a snap party leadership election. This follows the news from earlier today that almost half of Kennedy's shadow cabinet had signed and circulated a letter expressing their concern in regard to his leadership. It could well emerge that Kennedy's public admission was forced, in that his alcohol problem was to be 'leaked' to the media by disaffected fellow Lib Dems.

It will be interesting to see who comes forward to stand against Kennedy. Mark Oaten had been touted as a potential leadership candidate but has already announced that he won’t be standing and will in fact be actively supporting Kennedy. Simon Hughes will surely stand but will he be able to bridge the vastly differing factions within the party? It his hard to see the Orange Book Liberals getting behind Hughes. Menzies Campbell, current deputy leader would be better suited to uniting the party but he has so far remained relatively quiet. There is a strong possibility that one of the younger generation may stand, Nick Clegg would be the choice of many within the party, but inexperience would be a potential snag, although considering the success that David Cameron has had thus far, the Lib Dems could well be tempted to opt for a younger leader.

Interesting times ahead for the Liberal Democrats.

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