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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Lembit almost confirms it.

Charles Kennedy will be making a statement at 3pm today. Lembit Öpik more or less confirmed that this will be to announce his resignation. Switch on the rolling news.

UPDATE: Menzies Campbell will be making a statement following the Kennedy speech. Assumedly this is to confirm he will be taking the helm until a new leader is elected, I can't see it being to announce his intentions to stand, not yet anyhow.

Lemit for leader!
Has been far and away the most impressive, impassioned Lib Dem throughout this whole imbroglio...

Asteroid, schmaschteroid...

Which should obviously read "LemBit"...
Or, to get truly into the spirit(s) of things: *hic*...

I wholeheartedly concur, Opik has been loyal to his leader when many were too busy positioning themselves for the fallout. He seems to have inherited the many qualities of his much-loved Kennedy – honesty, decency and above all, a sense of humour!

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