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Sunday, January 29, 2006


The 7x7 meme reaches prolix

Jawbox has tagged me and as such it is my duty to fill in the blanks and tag another 7 bloggers. So, here goes:

Seven things to do before I die:
1) Travel across Europe, by train, listening only to Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express.
2) Visit the Americana hotspots of the deep South.
3) Be at Goodison park as Everton put the 4th goal past Liverpool to win the Premiership.
4) See Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band live.
5) Form a band and play in front of more than 30 people. Ok, 25.
6) Watch TV with Caitlin Moran and Harry Hill.
7) Get out more!

Seven things I cannot do:
1) Read something and take it all in whilst watching television/listening to music.
2) Make a cup of tea in less than 4 minutes. It shouldn’t be done any quicker.
3) Stand the implication that country music is all about Stetsons and line dancing.
4) Break dance.
5) Put up with shoddy sound quality.
6) Speed read (if only I could!).
7) Pole vault.

Seven things that attract me to…the countryside:
1) Notably cleaner air.
2) Wildlife.
3) Greater appreciation of the seasonal year.
4) Less traffic.
5) The fact that there is nothing to do after it gets dark.
6) The dark.
7) Pubs. Country pubs.

Seven things I say:
1) “Poxy”
2) “I tell you…”
3) “Strong, one sugar”
4) “Good stuff!”
5) “Or is it?”
6) “Gah!” / ”Bah!” / ”Pah!”
7) “He’s got red hair but we don’t care, Davey, Davey, Moyes”

Seven books that I love:
1) Flowers for Algernon.(Daniel Keyes)
2) Cash, the autobiography (Johnny Cash)
3) The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
4) The Road To McCarthy (Pete McCarthy)
5) Things Snowball (Rich Hall)
6) McCarthy’s Bar (Pete McCarthy) (What!? I like him!)
7) The Oxford English Dictionary

Seven movies that I’ve loved:
1) Lord of War
2) High Plains Drifter
3) ExistenZ
4) High Fidelity
5) The Wickerman
6) The Usual Suspects
7) This is Spinal Tap

Seven people to tag:
1) Blognor Regis
2) A Big Stick and a Small Carrot
3) Minor9th
4) Don’t Not Nine
5) Paws Full of Devious Cretins
6) ?
7) ?

It's hard finding bloggers yet to have been tagged!

Prolix, just found your blog for the first time. How's about reciprocating links?

Iain Dale

Ah, 'High Plains Drifter' is indeed a disturbing yet delightful classic. Pondered having it in my list, but opted for Unforgiven as the reluctantly-only-one Clint contribution.
As for the country music line (non-dancing, definitely), have certainly found myself making the usual impassioned arguments many, many times... Billy Ray Cyrus and Leann Rimes have so, so much to answer for...

Iain: Consider yourself added. I've been an avid reader of your blog since November and can't think why I haven't linked to you already!

akr: I pondered the Unforgiven or High Plains Drifter decision as well, I sided with the latter in the end for it's fantastic imagery as well as the unrivalled 'oddness'. There is a suggestion that the Red House Painters (Mark Kozelek) got their name from the film, but other sources report otherwise.

Let's not even speak of the Mavericks...

'Dream River' by the Mavericks is actually, despite myself and all rational assumptions, fairly lovely and understated.
For all that it flagrantly rips off 'Lonesome Town' by Rick Nelson, but still...
Yet doesn't quite make up for the frankly-unnecessary horror of 'Dance The Night Away'.
Not that anything really could...

"It's hard finding bloggers yet to have been tagged!"

It is probably harder to find bloggers that WANT to be "tagged".

Honestly, this is the funniest site I visit! I love you Pete, I freakin' love the bones of ya!

Pro, sorry to crush your hopes but you're never gonna manage that #3 on things to do before you die!! ;)

You're right...

I'll have left after the third goal went in to get to the Brighton ground for the nightgame to see them promoted to the Premiership!


Now you really are being ridiculous!

Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Anfield, St James's Park... and Falmer. Bring it on...

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