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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


5th Division team, 1st Division chant

Rullsenberg Rules reports on a chant heard from the Burton Albion fans at the FA Cup match the Sunday before last (yes, I am very late with this). All being well they can use it again tomorrow. The chant?

"Are you Tamworth in disguise?"


And at the Tamworth ground, they chant...

"Are you Everton in disguise?"

Jon 1, Pete 0.

I'm still getting over the astonishment of the whole Park Lane stand at Spurs serenading Paul Robinson with 'Happy Birthday to you' earlier this season...
Probably the silliest, soppiest song I've ever heard chanted at a football stadium...!

Shame about Tamworth last night - after Doncaster lost to Arsenal earlier this season, now Tamworth just missing out to Stoke, surely there's got to be at least one giant-killing shoot-out win to redress some of the balance...?
Er... Millwall?

From what I've heard, it sounds as though Tamworth had Stoke on the ropes right up until the death, must have been heartbreaking for them to then lose on penalties.

Millwall beating Everton tonight wouldn't be enough of a giant killing, more 'GBH on a larger than average fellow'. Burton on the otherhand... if they could pull it off tonight, it would be one of the greatest giant killings of all time. Right up there with Hereford in '72 and err...Shrewsbury a year or two back.

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