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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Lack of posts.

Apologies for my inactivity here of late. I was struck down with a particularly nasty strain of the common cold at the weekend, from which I am only just beginning to recover. In addition to this, I have been fairly busy at work with the December website update and the accompanying e-newsletter. With that out of the way and the cold subsiding, I am pleased to be returning to blogging.

I was glad to discover on Tuesday, that Free Democrat is back blogging again after a couple of months away. Other new discoveries include Jawbox and Iain Dale who too recently returned to the scene.

You may have noticed the ‘post categories’ section in my sidebar to your left, I am trialling a self-developed method of using to categorise my posts. I searched fairly extensively for a simple way to use categories with Blogger but despite finding a few ideas, none overly impressed.

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