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Saturday, December 03, 2005


David Davis predicts a riot.

David Davis, in a recent debate for Sky News, said that many town and city centres were "no go areas" for decent people and new licensing laws would make things worse. Further to these words, he has since added that "watching the people get lairy is not very pretty I tell thee" and that for many, "walking through town is quite scary and not very sensible either."

David Willets, key member of the Davis leadership team chipped in with a worrying tale of an incident he was recently involved in. He mentioned how when trying to get in a taxi, a man in a tracksuit attacked him. Willets elaborates, "he said that he saw it before me" and even threatened to turn violent with a particularly frightening reference to things becoming "gory".

Anne Widdecombe's anecdote about girls runing around with no clothes on, condoms, coldness and chipfat went by largely unnoticed.

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